12 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy While Traveling. 

One of the best parts of traveling is the food you can try. However, this can also throw your diet and health plan for a loop. Here are some easy ways to eat healthy while traveling!

1 - Balance Your Meals Throughout the Day

If you eat heavy for lunch, keep it light at dinner and vice versa. Within each meal, look for healthy options as well to help!

Keep your portions healthy, or plan to share with friends. This way you can try more and still not over eat.:

2 - Watch Your Meal Portions

New flavors are always exciting, but you don't have to try it all in one day. Spread out the experiences, which will also help spread out the calories.

3 - Spread Out Your Foodie Experiments

If you do this already, try and continue. Or incorporate it into your travel routine. It can help reduce calories, and also help you focus on trying things that really interest you when you do eat.

4 - Intermittent Fasting

5 - Stay Hydrated

No matter what keep water with you and be sure to drink it! Thirst often feels like hunger. Staying hydrated can help.

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