12 Best Investment Apps To Improve Your Finances

Looking for the newest and best investment apps? We’re here to help you find the perfect app to improve your finances.

Finny - Best For Personal Finance Education

Finny makes learning simple and fun through their game-based approach.

Acorns: Best For Automatic Savings

The Acorns app makes saving and investing easy and automatic, which is a good thing for both beginner and advanced investors.

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Robinhood: Best For Free Stock Trading

Robinhood is a completely free app that lets you trade stocks, mutual funds, options, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and even cryptocurrency.

Betterment:  Best Robo-Advisor

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Betterment was one of the first and most successful robo-advisors, providing tools and questionnaires to help you find the right mix of investments for your age and risk tolerance.

M1 Finance: Best All-In-One App

It’s like a blend of Betterment (robo-advisor) and Robinhood (free stock trading apps), with its own unique spin on asset allocation.

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