10 Top Careers Women Would Choose if Money Issues Didn’t Exist

What would you do for a living if money wasn't an issue?  Reddit has an answer for that. Check out what these professional women had to say.

Pursue Passion Projects without Career Constraint

They would pursue interests, such as traveling, taking classes, and exploring photography. They desired to dabble in various part-time jobs as whims arose but would not commit to a traditional career path.

2. Hosting a Unique Restaurant Experience

The user envisioned a social space where patrons could come together, break bread, forge new friendships, and savor the delicious food crafted with passion by the culinary team.

Terrain Map

3. Advocating for Mental Health Awareness

They would focus on providing funds to increase access to mental health professionals, such as psychologists and psychiatrists, and encourage everyone to seek help when needed.

White Bag

However, they acknowledged that they still have yet to determine how to make a difference in such an environment or whom to trust.

5. Challenging the Broken System of Social Work

6. Embracing the Life of an Artist

The person said they would dedicate their time to creating and sharing art with the world. They would experiment with different mediums and styles, constantly pushing themselves to improve their craft.

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