10 Must-Have Travel Workout Equipment Gadgets

Traveling can mess with your  exercise routine, but staying fit is possible with portable travel equipment. Here are the best options to help you stay fit on the go.

1 - Yoga Mat

There is a travel version of this! It folds nicely to fit into your suitcase, and portable! Click the link for specifics!

This classic is one of the easiest travel workout equipment pieces you can carry with you anywhere.

2 - Jump Rope

Get a set of four or five bands with varying resistance. They are easy to pack and excellent for your strength training exercises.

3 - Resistance Bands

Yup, these are a thing! Inflate them when you need, and deflate them when done!

Water-filled Dumbbells

Mini Foam Roller

Always remember to rest your muscles, and stretch. A collapsible foam roller can help with all of it!   Click the link to see what it looks like!

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