10 Lessons From  My First Year As A Female Physician

These experiences as an attending physician, and lessons, are limited to the medical field. Yet, many of these issues affect women in all industries.

Lesson 1.  Change Is Slow

People have to be open-minded and willing to try new things and when they aren’t, it’s that much more of an uphill battle.

Lesson 2.  Patience Is A Virtue

When you are able to stay calm and speak calmly, regardless of how anyone else is speaking to you, you automatically have the upper hand.

Terrain Map

Lesson 3. Generational Differences Exist

Leading those that are older than you can be very challenging. You must be patient (ha) and learn to communicate on another level.

Lesson 4. Female Resentment Is Real

White Bag

We are held to a different standard, come under greater scrutiny and are questioned way more often than our male colleagues.

Lesson 5. You Must Develop Coping Mechanisms

Find some work friends you trust and vent; join a gym; take vacations to give yourself breaks; see a therapist.  Whatever it is, do it and do it regularly.

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