10 Journaling Ideas to Help You Improve Every Aspect of Yourself

There are many reasons to keep a journal. Not everyone keeps a journal for the same reason and no two people do it exactly the same way. By their very nature, personal journals are individual affairs.

Journaling Ideas

Business Journal

You can use it to record the relevant facts that make a difference to your efficiency and bottom line.

Diet Journal

Keep track of every snack, every piece of candy, every potato chip. If you are diabetic, include your glucose readings throughout the day.

Terrain Map

An Exercise Journal

If you need help with getting moving and getting fit, then try this journaling idea. Jot down the exercises you do, and for how long.

Professional Journal

White Bag

The road to success is a tough one with many obstacles. Journaling about it can help you overcome all of it and achieve your goals.

Dating Journal

If you’re single and find yourself struggling to find good guys or people you click with, it might be worth trying out a dating journal.

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