10 Interpersonal Skills You Need Today For A Successful Career

If you are looking for the must-have skills for a resume, a way to stand out during your next interview, or want to make a good impression with your boss and colleagues, be sure to focus on this list.

Strong interpersonal communication skills are the foundation of any successful career, so focus on improving your communication skills and be sure to include them in your cover letter and resume skills section during your job search.

1. Good Communication

2. Active Listening

You will want to make sure the other person knows you are listening by asking and answering questions and by paraphrasing or repeating back a few words of what was said to show understanding.

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3. Empathy

It is an essential trait for leaders, employers also want compassionate staff who are empathetic to others and help to promote a positive and highly functioning workplace.

4. Conflict Management

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Handling conflict calmly and professionally will make you an asset.

5. Teamwork

Team players are often assigned greater responsibilities, making them stronger candidates for promotions and raises.

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