10 Inspirational Business Quotes For Success

You Don’t Build A Business, You Build People, Then People Build The Business.” – Zig Ziglar


Leadership Is The Art Of Getting Someone Else To Do Something You Want Done Because He Wants To Do It.”  – Dwight Eisenhower

“Success Is Not Final; Failure Is Not Fatal. It Is The Courage To Continue That Counts.”  – Winston Churchill

“There Are No Secrets To Success. It Is The Result Of Preparation, Hard Work, And Learning From Failure.”  – Colin Powell

“The Critical Ingredient Is Getting Off Your Butt And Doing Something. It’s As Simple As That. A Lot Of People Have Ideas, But There Are Few Who Decide To Do Something About Them Now. Not Tomorrow. Not Next Week. But Today. The True Entrepreneur Is A Doer, Not A Dreamer.”  – Nolan Bushnell

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The Competitor To Be Feared Is One Who Never Bothers About You At All, But Goes On Making His Own Business Better All The Time.” – Henry Ford

“The Difference Between Successful People And Really Successful People Is That Really Successful People Say No To Almost Everything.”  – Warren Buffett

“My Favorite Things In Life Don’t Cost Any Money. It’s Really Clear That The Most Precious Resource We All Have Is Time.” – Steve Jobs

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“Success Is Not The Key To Happiness. Happiness Is The Key To Success. If You Love What You Are Doing, You Will Be Successful.”  – Albert Schweitzer

“I Owe My Success To Having Listened Respectfully To The Very Best Advice, And Then Going Away And Doing The Exact Opposite.”  – G.K. Chesterton