10 Important Considerations Before Becoming a Digital Nomad 

The digital nomad lifestyle is an exciting one, but not necessarily an easy one. To do this successfully you need to be prepared. Here are some questions everyone should ask before starting this journey.

1- Are You Ready for the Challenge?

This is a whole new way of living and lifestyle. Ask yourself if you really are ready to make adjustments and be far away from family & friends!

What equipment will you need, the kind of workspace for your job? How will you transport what's important?

2 - How Will You Get Set Up?

Will your current job let you travel and work remotely? Do you have to find something new? This can be tricky!

3 - What's Your Job Description?

Depending on where you live, or where you decide to travel, the costs can vary. Make and stick to a budget so you can be a digital nomad longer!

4 - What's Your Budget? 

5 - What Will You Take With You?

You have to travel light! As a digital nomad you are moving around, traveling and need to limit your material possessions.

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