10 Best "Weaknesses" to Mention in Job Interviews

Job interviews are when you have to sell yourself. The inevitable question always comes up to mention your weaknesses so they know the problem areas. This is how to deal with that question.

Comic Efficiency

Instead of replying verbally, one comedic candidate handed over a flashcard to the employer emblazoned with the sentence: “Sometimes, I over-prepare.” This bold move got them the job and it shows humor is a great tool.

Use Ambition as a Cloak

Just be honest but cloak that candor with ambition, which worked well for one clever character. Explaining that they needed justification for any role given was their first weakness. Moreover, they reinforced how important an end objective was for what they were working on. The job was theirs.

Terrain Map

Avoid the Humble Brag

Imagine sitting in the same featureless office, having to go through the same questions maybe dozens of times in one day. The last thing a recruiter wants is a deflective, wiseguy comment that lacks imagination. No perfectionists or workaholics need to apply.

White Bag

A hiring professional once told his son that giving a positive as a weakness is a sign of weakness in itself. An example of what to say could be mentioning you are forgetful but now keep reminders, notes, and calendars to keep yourself organized.

Give a Weakness with a Solution

Be Completely Honest

So many interviewing executives said the same thing: they want honesty and nothing else. It makes no sense to second-guess a potential employer, so why not just give a real weakness? If you don’t like working in teams, say so, then maybe present a realistic reflection on improving this.

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