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Make Your Dreams Come True With This Life Hack

If you have goals, hopes, and dreams, then you’re probably busy trying to make them all come true.

But imagining what you want and making it happen are two different things. One way to get there?

Visualize it. Write it down. Talk about it. Manifest it.


Read on for this life hack to make all your dreams come true.

Bringing Dreams to Life

As obvious as it may sound, having visuals in front of you daily can help you reach and achieve your goals.

What I’m talking about is a vision board.

A vision board reflects what you want and can help you determine how to attain it. It also lends itself to helping you mentally manifest your goals and keep you motivated while pursuing them.

Whether you’re a solo businesswoman, a working mom, or an employee trying to better yourself, learning how to create a vision board can help you figure out how to get what you really want.

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board (also known as a dream board, inspiration board, goal board, mood board, or visualization board) is a tool that allows you to make your goals visible.

It’s a collage or collection of images and objects you choose, arranged for clarity and focus.

Do Visions Boards Really Work?

Vsion boards work on many levels. It uses the law of attraction to provide its user with many benefits.

1. Clarity

First, choosing images allows you to really think about what you want life to look like

If you want to travel, you can add photos of destinations to your bucket list. Want to run a marathon? Add pictures of people crossing the finish line. If you aspire to become a published author, you can add a poem that you wrote, and so on.

2. Connect With Your Goals

Another benefit of vision boards is that they allow you to directly connect with your goals. The act of finding inspiration and then seeing it daily helps you subconsciously make decisions and take steps towards accomplishing what you want.

For example, you’re no longer only daydreaming about what your new house might look like. You’re actively looking for pictures of rooms you love, paint colors that energize you, and even fabric swatches if they inspire you. Your subconscious also starts to focus on these goals, helping you make mindful decisions and replaces negative thoughts with positive ones.

3. Focus on Your Goals

Third, by placing your vision board somewhere, you will see it throughout your day. It is a motivator and reminder of what you should focus on.

We’re all overloaded with information. The news is ready to tell us what to worry about, and other forms of media are intent on telling us what to believe. When you have a board full of ideas that you selected and set in place, your focus will be easy to maintain, and you can confidently shed the distractions that don’t work for the life you want.

4. Helps You Initiate a Plan of Action

Lastly, it would help if you kept in mind that your goals aren’t magically going to become a reality simply by hanging them on your board. You have to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) and put in the effort needed to succeed.

Add to your visual focus and consider the steps you need to take. To board motivates you, and then you have to use that motivation to take action!

Creating a Vision Board

wWhile there are digital vision boards available, it’s recommended to try and create a physical board. Having it physically in front of you, and physically creating it make its a more immersive experience and a more personal one.

What to Include in a Vision Board

What you include on your board depends on your goals, values, and priorities and how specific you want to be. Some people will choose a theme for their vision board, such as health or creativity, or use a feeling or emotion, such as freedom or happiness.

Others will select a timeframe for their board, such as making one every year for their annual goals or creating one for their five-year plan.

However, there are no limits. You can create one board at a time, or several. Either way, the act of looking for images that mean something to you allows you to think deeply about your goals. This sifting process lets you put away others’ expectations and build a view of your life goals.

A piece of advice:

Take the time to really think about what you want, and not about anyone else’s expectations for you. There is no right or wrong way to create the perfect vision board for yourself. Make one that you want to look at, inspiring you and motivating you to take action towards your goals. Here are some vision board ideas to help you get started.

Where Should I Display My Vision Board?

Put it somewhere where you’ll see it every day. You want it to be a part of your daily routine.

Hang your vision of the ideal life you genuinely want where you can see it as you sip your morning coffee or tea. If you work in a cubicle, you may find that your decorating options are limited. You can create an electronic board and use it as your screensaver, or take a picture of your board and make it the background on your phone.

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