4 habits for a growth mindset

4 Habits To Create A Growth Mindset

If you are a fan of podcasts, you have likely heard speakers promote a “growth mindset”. Having and honing this mindset seems to be the secret to success, as many will claim. The term was originally coined by Carol Dweck, the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.

There are two mindsets, growth and fixed mindsets.

In a fixed mindset, people see their qualities as fixed traits that cannot change. People with this mindset believe that talent alone creates success–without effort required. Meaning that your effort, talent, and intelligence are a fixed point that can’t be improved over time. 

In contrast,

“In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”

A growth mindset is a favorite among entrepreneurs for many reasons.  It allows you to be able to take risks, increases motivation, reduces stress and anxiety, improves relationships, increases work performance, and fosters higher achievements overall.

 Like the little engine that could, it’s all about thinking you can. Thankfully a growth mindset isn’t something you are born with. You can develop growth mindset through the following habits.


Understanding your current mindset and habits is key to creating your growth mindset. Journaling is one way to help you understand yourself, from your moods, emotions, thoughts, and goals on a day-to-day basis. Journaling boasts many health benefits and can show improvements in your goals and mental health over time.

By journaling regularly, you can gain insight into yourself, help you sort out your thoughts, gain better control of your emotions, and better understand your triggers.

Journaling is also a great way to create a growth mindset if used as a daily log for your goals and ideas. One study looked at 149 participants from six countries and found that simply writing down their goals improved their chances of achieving them by 42%.

For those looking to achieve a growth mindset, journaling is a great way to take control of your narrative and keep active goals of your progress. By using journaling, you can improve your moods, understanding of yourself, and see how your hard work and dedication pays off!

Establishing a Daily Routine

Another must-have habit for anyone looking to create a growth mindset is to follow and use a routine. Daily routines allow for a state of flow, which can help you be more productive and reduce decision fatigue.

 Decision fatigue occurs when you have to make too many choices over a given period of time, say per day. The more you have to think about each of your choices each day, the more mental strain you put onto yourself. Establishing a routine is one way to streamline your actions, remove unnecessary decision making, and free up your mind for tasks that really need your attention.

Why is it important to prevent, or stop decision fatigue? Because the mental effects can be detrimental. You’ll be too tired to pay attention to important things, you’ll be less productive, you’ll start second-guessing yourself, or even freeze when it comes time to make important choices.

In addition, having a routine can help give you a sense of purpose each day, and manage your time with some structure and discipline. Incorporating your goals and to-do list into your schedule will also help you to create and set aside time to work on them, hopefully without being bogged down or distracted by other things. If it’s written down, you’re more likely to get it done.

Exercising Regularly

A healthy lifestyle includes not just maintaining your physical health, but your mental health as well. Exercise is a great way to work on both.

There are many health benefits to exercise, such as increased stamina, strength, and an improved immune system. Exercising regularly can also be extremely beneficial for your mood, and can increase your attention span, focus, and productivity.

Exercise and a growth mindset are a no brainer. With a growth mindset, you believe that no matter where you start you can improve. Combining your exercise routine with a growth mindset is a great way to see how hard work and determination can pay off for your long-term physical health and wellness.  

Continuously Learning

If a growth mindset means that you are constantly improving yourself, then continuously trying to learn new things, skills or hobbies, is one way to keep up with yourself.  

Thankfully there are tons of options available to us nowadays. Whether reading every day, listening to podcasts, webinars, or taking classes, there are endless ways to learn something new each day. Many entrepreneurs and business owners swear reading a book a week is how they stay sharp.

Being open to new ideas and skills can also help you stay inspired, puts things into perspective, and even help push you out of your comfort zone.

“Continually learning forces you to learn new skills, and see yourself develop those skills over time. Whether professional or personal, learning new skills translates into more creative and productive individuals, striving to do their best,”

Loren Howard, Founder Of Prime Plus Mortgages

Learning new things is the epitome of a growth mindset. It is a testament to how hard work and dedication can transform your life, as long as you are willing to put the work in. That’s why learning new things is a must-have habit for anyone looking to create a growth mindset. 


The idea here is putting forth effort for continuous self-improvement, and developing that habit means developing a growth mindset. Those with a growth mindset can change their life through dedication and hard work. Like all skills, it takes time and practice, but the return on your investment in yourself is lifelong.

Are you ready to activate a growth mindset?

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