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Twitter Responds To The Egg Shortage & It’s Hilarious

Eggs are a hot commodity nowadays. Doesn’t matter where you are in the United States, you’ve probably encountered some overpriced egg cartons. Of course, Twitter has something to say.

Here are some of the best Tweets we could find to help start your weekend with a laugh.

For starters, you can purchase some eggs to impress a potential significant other:

Millennials are grappling with newfound stress compared to their parents. We’re definitely on the struggle bus with this economy.

The winners right now are the chickens of course, as they should be.

On that note, some are looking to flip the narrative and turn a cost into an investment.

Now might be a good time to look for Egg funds, after all ETFs are the future! Someone should seriously look into this.

Egg farmers, you better be cashing in on the phenomenon! @Derfachwirt thinks so too.

Those that can still afford eggs, may start showing off.

The shortage may cause some to change up their diets and go without eggs. You know the situation is dire if you’re substituting in lobster.

Times like these you really have to protect all of your important assets.

Perhaps this driver should have had the same sign.

An Eggstrodinary Problem

A once affordable food for the masses, now eggs are a premier league elite unless you have the cash to spare. It might be a good time to play around with some egg substitutes, or try vegan January (aka veganuary) and see how things pan out.

Regardless, hopefully, these brought a smile to your face and a resolve to diversify our investments.

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